AdvancedMD Winter 2024 Release Information – New Features and Enhancements

AdvancedMD has announced a series of updates designed to improve security, streamlining workflows, and better user experience. Below are the details of the latest features to be released on Feb 6, 15 & 22, 2024:

External Windows Automatically Close at End of Session

For enhanced security, certain external windows will now automatically close when the practice management system is closed, the user logs out, or the session times out. This includes screens like Survey Sender, Rooming Dashboard, Report Center, ICD Crosswalk, Messaging History, Credit Card on File, Undisbursed Credit Card Payments, and Credit Card Capture. Automatically closing these windows helps protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring patient privacy.

eRemittance Center

The eRemittance review and details screens have been redesigned to provide a more streamlined and efficient experience. Users can now search, review, and post multiple payments faster. Additionally, ad hoc searches of ERA-related filters or saved searches can be run continuously. This redesign allows users to navigate and post payments more efficiently by focusing on relevant data, ultimately saving time and reducing the administrative burden associated with payment processing.

Mass Write-off

Writing off multiple charges across multiple accounts is now easier. Users can write off multiple open visits or charges with fewer clicks in seconds, and update collections account notes simultaneously. This feature includes 15 dynamic filters for searching open charges assigned to patients or insurance and the ability to add collection actions and notes during the mass write-off process. This enhancement simplifies the process of managing large volumes of write-offs, ensuring more accurate financial records and freeing up staff time for other critical tasks.

Restrict Scheduling of Patients with a Collections Status

A new user-level permission controls who can create appointments for patients in collections. Defaulted to Admins, this feature blocks unauthorized users from bypassing the collection warning when scheduling appointments for accounts in collections. Authorized users will still receive warnings but can proceed with scheduling. This control helps practices manage outstanding balances more effectively by preventing further appointments until collections issues are addressed, improving revenue collection.

Automated CCOF Worklists in AdvancedMD Pay

New worklists for Credit Card Processing and Declined Payments help manage credit-card-on-file (CCOF) payments and follow-up tasks. This simplifies the patient payment process and allows prioritized tasks to be assigned to staff for more efficient workflows. The system setting can exclude unapproved charges from CCOF worklists, increasing clarity and accuracy in reporting outstanding balances. Automating these processes reduces manual effort, ensures timely follow-up, and enhances the overall efficiency of financial operations.

Required Update of Dynamsoft Software

To improve security and compatibility, the document scanning feature has been upgraded to Dynamsoft version 18.3. Users will be prompted to install the new version the first time the feature is launched. Upgrading to the latest version of Dynamsoft ensures compatibility with newer operating systems and provides enhanced security features, protecting sensitive documents and improving scanning reliability.

Process Capitated Write-off with the Automation Center

The Automation Center now supports the capitated write-off process, allowing users to automate this task when closing out the day. This feature saves time by automating repetitive tasks associated with capitated write-offs, ensuring accuracy, and freeing staff to focus on more complex responsibilities.

Cardholder Name & Street Address in AdvancedMD Pay

To improve documentation for chargeback disputes and reduce online credit card fraud, users can now save cardholder names and addresses when adding a credit card on file (CCOF) in AdvancedMD Pay and the patient portal. This information is required wherever a payment card is saved. By capturing detailed cardholder information, practices can better dispute fraudulent charges and enhance the security of online transactions.

List E&M Codes First on Professional Claims

A new system default allows users to list E&M codes first on electronic and paper professional claims. When enabled, E&M codes will automatically be listed first regardless of their placement on other screens. Prioritizing E&M codes helps ensure these essential services are highlighted, potentially improving claim acceptance and reimbursement rates.

Bill Claims With a $0 Insurance Balance to Non-primary Carriers

Users can now bill claims with a $0.00 insurance balance to non-primary carriers using a new custom claim field. This feature helps demonstrate the closure of patient care gaps with the payer. Billing $0 balance claims ensures that all necessary documentation is submitted, supporting the completeness of patient care records and aiding in compliance with payer requirements.

EDI Enrollment Tracker

The EDI enrollment process has been consolidated, allowing users to view the status of EDI enrollments for claims, remittance, claims status, or eligibility quickly and easily. This consolidation simplifies tracking and managing EDI enrollments, providing up-to-date information and reducing administrative overhead.

Automated Cancel/No-show Charge & Note

Users can select configurable charge codes to automatically apply payments for no-shows or canceled visits. This feature improves tracking of no-show visits and late cancellations, allowing fees to be collected more accurately and efficiently. By automating no-show charges, practices can reduce lost revenue and encourage patients to keep their appointments.

Time Zone Enhancements in the Scheduler

Scheduling patients in different time zones is now easier. Providers and patients will see appointments based on their local time across all AdvancedMD technologies. Enhancements include a time zone dropdown menu in the Provider list view and improvements in patient engagement with local time displays. These improvements reduce confusion and missed appointments, ensuring accurate scheduling across time zones.

Classic Chart Sunset & User Preference Updates

The legacy classic chart view is being sunset, leaving the patient chart view (card framework) as the only option. All user preferences related to the classic chart will be removed, and updates will reflect a more streamlined and modern look. This transition ensures that all users benefit from the latest design and functionality improvements, enhancing overall user experience.

ePrescribing Compliance Updates

The ePA donut feature has been added to view prior authorization requests, and several updates to the medication form have been made to improve workflow. This includes removing outdated fields, adding new ones, and auto-calculating expiration dates. These updates streamline the ePrescribing process, reducing errors and improving efficiency in medication management.

EHR Audit Tracker Redesign

The EHR admin audit page has been redesigned for better performance and user experience, improving workflow productivity and report run times. This redesign makes it easier for administrators to monitor and audit user activities, ensuring compliance and enhancing security.

EHR Template Library & Filters

A new template library with a user-friendly design and inline previews has been introduced. Users can filter templates by specialty and type, use keyword searches, and view inline previews to save time. This enhancement simplifies the process of finding and using templates, improving documentation efficiency.

CQR Updates for MIPS Value Pathways

Users can now report eCQM measures for an MVP, a new voluntary reporting option for meeting MIPS requirements with fewer reporting burdens. This option includes Quality measures related to a specialty or condition for more meaningful participation. Simplifying MIPS reporting helps practices meet regulatory requirements more easily and focus on delivering high-quality care.

Filter Orders & Results by Facility

New dashboard worklists allow users to filter orders and results by facility, enabling providers to quickly identify outstanding orders and results for patients by facility. This feature improves workflow efficiency for providers working across multiple locations, ensuring timely follow-up on patient care activities.

New Dashboard Refresh Cycle

The performance and responsiveness of the donut dashboard have been improved. Donut counts are cached to reduce database calls and updated every 15 minutes. Users can manually refresh data counts using a refresh icon. These enhancements improve the usability of the dashboard, providing timely and accurate information for decision-making.

Calculate EHR Charge slip Units Based on Duration & Charge Code

A new setting allows users to flag a charge code to automatically calculate units billed based on the duration of the visit when creating an EHR charge slip. This automation reduces manual calculations, ensuring accurate billing based on visit duration.

Select Visit Types and Payer Options; Added CPT Codes

The E/M Coder has been updated to include codes for consultation, home visits, and Medicare prolonged face-to-face visits, expanding available codes for new and established patients. This update ensures comprehensive coding options for a variety of visit types, supporting accurate billing and compliance.

Electronic Case


The eCR feature allows users to send patient case reports from the EHR directly to state public health agencies, providing faster, more complete data than manual reporting. This feature supports compliance with CMS QPP Promoting Interoperability category requirements and enhances public health reporting.

Allow Patients to Upload Medical and Other Documents

Patients can now securely submit documents from online scheduling and intake forms, improving patient-provider interactions and clinical workflow. System Settings control patient uploading permissions for each document type. This capability enhances documentation accuracy and efficiency, ensuring all necessary patient information is captured.

9-1-1 Notice in Patient Portal

A 9-1-1 alert now warns patients not to use the patient portal to request emergency assistance, emphasizing the importance of calling the office directly or 9-1-1 for emergencies. This alert ensures patients seek appropriate help in urgent situations, improving safety and response times.

Provider Matching – Allow Multiple Appointments per Time Slot

Users can manage double booking with the ‘Use Column Constraints’ setting in System Settings, allowing for increased productivity by double booking appointments. This flexibility helps practices optimize appointment scheduling and maximize provider availability.

Zoom-based Telehealth Migration

The new Zoom-based telehealth update is now available, offering improved audio and video experience with enhanced features such as group appointments, streamlined workflow in the provider list view, text options for meeting links, and real-time updates to patient data. This update enhances the telehealth experience for both providers and patients, ensuring high-quality virtual care.

Telehealth & Advanced Patient Check-in & Verification

The new Patient File Upload Worklist allows users to view insurance cards uploaded by patients through the telehealth check-in process, patient portal, and online self-scheduling. This feature improves administrative efficiency and ensures accurate insurance information is captured for billing.

Credit Card on File in Patient Portal

AdvancedMD Pay users can now have patients manage and add credit cards on file (CCOF) in the new ‘My Cards’ section of the patient portal billing. This feature simplifies the payment process for patients and ensures practices have up-to-date payment information on file, improving billing efficiency.

Care Team Card

The Care Team card in the clinical app improves care coordination and patient health outcomes by providing visibility and management tools for patient care teams. This feature supports better collaboration among care team members, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care for patients.

Push Notifications

The clinical app now supports push notifications for important tasks, helping users stay connected to their practice and patients throughout the day with real-time notifications. This feature ensures timely action on critical tasks such as medication refill requests and patient portal messages, improving patient care and practice efficiency.

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