AdvancedMD PM and EHR Solutions

Unlock Your Practice Performance with AdvancedMD Integrations and Extended Solutions

PracticePath specializes in not just enhancing but revolutionizing the use of AdvancedMD (AMD) Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management Software as a Service (SaaS) for healthcare practices.

By leveraging AMD’s robust Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) SQL Database and APIs, we craft bespoke solutions and externally integrated modifications that automate crucial processes, including credit card payments and patient fees, while fully integrating with AdvancedMD Pay.

Our offerings go beyond mere automation; we focus on maximizing the value of AdvancedMD by eliminating manual processes, providing deep operational and financial insights, and recovering lost revenues.

We can also integrate the platform with other systems of record and tools.

We like to think of what we do as “custom mods” to AdvancedMD that exponentially multiply the value of the platform’s native capabilities and your investment. Here’s how our comprehensive solutions can transform your practice:

Data Migration and Maintenance

We can help you prepare for your move to AdvancedMD from any other system or take data out of AMD PM and EHR to populate external systems one-time or continuous. We are experts in preparing data, calendars, note, files, and billing data for a move to and from AdvancedMD for standard and custom demographics tabs and claim fields. We can also help you maintain data hygiene in the systems and do daily or quarterly cleanups to ensure your data stays normalized. 

Full Automation of Payments and Fees

We automate all aspects of payment processing and upfront patient fee collection through seamless AMD Pay integration, enhancing efficiency and security. This streamlined approach ensures a frictionless payment experience for your patients and solidifies your practice’s cash flow.

Elimination of Manual Charge Slips

Our custom solutions completely eradicate the need for manual charge slips, transitioning your practice to a fully digital billing process. This not only streamlines operations but also significantly reduces the risk of billing errors and lost charges, directly impacting your bottom line.

Forensic-Level Reporting for Maximized Cash Flow

Leverage our forensic-level operational and financial business intelligence reporting, which offers unparalleled insights into your practice’s performance. These insights are designed to maximize cash flow by identifying areas of revenue and cash leakage, enabling you to make informed decisions that enhance financial health.

Recovery of Missing Revenues

We address a critical pain point for many practices: the recovery of missing and unbilled appointments and notes. Such oversights can cost your practice hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per instance, potentially wiping out your entire profit margin. Our solutions are engineered to detect and recover these lost revenues, safeguarding your profitability.

Advanced Medical Coding and Billing Automation

Our expertise in automating medical coding and billing processes minimizes errors and ensures compliance with healthcare regulations. By tapping into the capabilities of AMD’s ODBC SQL Database, we guarantee that your billing is precise, up-to-date, and fully optimized for your practice’s financial success.

Data Analytics and Insights

Combine AdvancedMD with PowerBI to utilize powerful data analytics and gain actionable insights into your practice’s operational efficiency and financial performance. Our integration with AMD’s database provides a comprehensive overview, empowering you to make strategic decisions that drive improvement and growth.

Patient Self-Scheduling and Engagement

Our patient self-scheduling solutions, fully integrated with AdvancedMD, improve patient engagement and satisfaction by offering the convenience of online appointment booking. This feature reduces the administrative burden on your staff and enhances the patient experience.

Seamless Integration with AMD Pay

Experience the ultimate in payment processing efficiency with our full integration of AMD Pay. This ensures all transactions, from credit card payments to upfront patient fees, are processed securely and efficiently, making payment collection seamless and reliable.

PracticePath goes beyond traditional service offerings to provide extended solutions that tackle the unique challenges faced by healthcare practices using AdvancedMD. Our deep dive into the intricacies of AMD’s technology allows us to offer unparalleled automation, integration, and optimization services. With our help, your practice can:

  • Eliminate outdated manual processes
  • Uncover and address operational inefficiencies and financial leakages
  • Recover significant lost revenues from unbilled services
    Make data-driven decisions to boost financial health and operational efficiency
  • Enhance patient satisfaction through streamlined payment and scheduling processes

Transform your AdvancedMD usage with our tailored solutions and unlock new levels of efficiency, profitability, and patient care. Contact PracticePath today to discover how we can help maximize the value of your AdvancedMD EHR and Practice Management system, ensuring your practice thrives in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.