AdvancedMD Summer 2024 Release Information – New Features and Enhancements

New features and enhancements that will significantly improve the PM and EHR experiences while streamlining practice management. Below is a comprehensive overview of the latest updates that will be released to AdvancedMD users on June 11, 20 & 27, 2024:

AdvancedMD Pay – Certified PAX A920 Terminal

AdvancedMD Pay now supports card-present transactions using the state-of-the-art PAX A920 terminal, which combines the convenience of a tablet with the functionality of a payment terminal. Initially, these terminals will be available by invitation to existing AdvancedMD Pay clients, ensuring a smooth rollout process before expanding to all clients. This enhancement enables more secure and efficient payment processing at the point of care, improving the overall patient payment experience.

AdvancedMD Pay – Process Payment Plans with Credit Card on File

Users can now utilize payment plans and process credit card on file (CCOF) payments through the intuitive Patient Billing Wizard (PBW). This feature ensures that users are only charged the agreed monthly amount for the payment plan, rather than the total patient balance. The PBW processes the agreed amount once per calendar month, facilitating easier management of patient payments and enhancing cash flow stability for practices.

AdvancedMD Pay – Capture and Disburse Virtual Insurance Credit Cards

AdvancedMD Pay now facilitates the seamless processing of insurance virtual credit card (VCC) payments. Users can process VCCs received from insurance companies directly in Payment Entry and distribute the payment to multiple patients, while accurately tracking the remaining VCC amount. This enhancement simplifies insurance payments and improves financial tracking within the practice.

Application Services with Provider Add

With the new Application Services module, users with access to the Provider System setting can quickly add new providers directly into AdvancedMD. This functionality accelerates the process of integrating new providers into the office key, ensuring they become operational more quickly. Additionally, purchasing admins can manage these requests efficiently, streamlining provider onboarding and administrative workflows.

Carrier Update Tool

The updated Carrier Update Tool makes it easier and faster to update a group of carriers simultaneously. This new functionality allows users to update multiple carriers at once, rather than one at a time, significantly reducing the time and effort required for carrier updates and improving overall practice efficiency.

Scheduler – Automated Cancel/No-show Charge and Note

To optimize revenue from no-show and late-cancellation visits, users can now add charge codes and set charge amounts to automatically apply to no-shows. This feature provides flexibility to change fees at the time of cancellation and helps track patients who frequently miss or cancel appointments. By automating these charges, practices can reduce revenue loss and improve appointment management.

Time Zone Scheduler Enhancements

Provider-to-patient communication has been enhanced, and the risk of missed appointments due to time zone confusion has been reduced. Key improvements include:

  • A time zone dropdown menu in the Provider list view for easy adjustments.
  • Providers can adjust their dashboard schedule to view appointments in their local time.
  • Patient appointments in different time zones will display the patient’s local time.
  • A dropdown menu allows users to set their preferred time zone for all appointments.

These enhancements ensure accurate scheduling and improve the overall patient experience.

Mass Write-off – Perform Partial Write-off

The Mass Write-off feature now supports partial write-offs, enabling users to write off a specified amount or everything except a specific amount. This functionality provides greater flexibility in managing patient accounts and ensures that practices can handle write-offs more efficiently, improving financial accuracy and reducing administrative burden.

Fee Schedule Import – Exclude Missing CPT Codes

The Fee Schedule Import tool has been improved to warn users about missing CPT codes without preventing the import. This enhancement saves time by eliminating the need to manually remove missing codes, allowing users to complete the import with all other fees from the file belonging to CPT codes in use. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and reduces errors in fee schedule management.

View Additional Eligibility Details, Redesigned Screen

Users can now quickly access comprehensive eligibility details, including Plan, PCP, Copayment, Deductible, Co-Insurance, Active Coverage, Limitations, Out of Pocket, Coverage Basis, and Contact Following Entity Info, using anchor tags. Additionally, active benefits and mental health information from the payor are easily viewable. This redesigned screen improves the accessibility of critical eligibility information, aiding in better patient care and financial planning.

Exclusions Tab – Updated Exclusions Information Screen

Security and compatibility enhancements have been made to the Exclusions Information screen, making carrier details more intuitive and workflows more efficient with new shortcut keys. Users can quickly access patient, carrier code, CPID, carrier name, carrier phone details, and printing options. These improvements enhance the usability and security of exclusion information management.

Rebill Claims – Add Resubmission Code

The resubmission code field has been moved forward in the workflow, allowing users to enter information when creating a single claim rebill or a mass rebill. This enhancement saves time and reduces hassle by eliminating the need to access the ‘extra info’ section for each claim when rebilling with a submission code. This streamlined process improves efficiency in claim management.

ERA Center – Increased Number of Displayed Visits on Check

The ERA Center now displays up to 8,000 visits within a single check, reducing the number of checks and providing a more efficient payment posting experience. With fewer check splits, users can search, review, and post payments faster. This feature is especially beneficial for laboratory practices with high visit counts within a check, enhancing overall payment processing efficiency.

Rebrand of AdvancedInsight to Analytics

AdvancedInsight has been renamed “Analytics” in the software and invoice, with no changes to the existing workflow. This rebranding reflects a more streamlined and modern approach to data analysis and reporting within AdvancedMD, ensuring consistency across the platform.

Practice Management (Beta) – Claims Same-day Rollup

The Claims Same Day Rollup feature allows users to consolidate patient visits from multiple providers on a single day into one claim. Specialty billing tools have been added for practices working with case management. This enhancement enables automatic rollup of visits for a patient on a single day across different providers, based on CPT codes, charge code categories, or carriers, simplifying billing processes and improving accuracy.

EHR – ePrescribing Updates

Enhancements to the ePrescribing feature include:

  • Updated filtering and sorting for the eSend status screen.
  • Pharmacy search by address and NCPDPID for more precise results.
  • Drug lookup improvements for better visibility and usability.
  • New annotations features for clearer communication.

These updates are based on client feedback and are designed to improve workflow and productivity in ePrescribing.

Review and Evaluate Medication Adherence

Users can now review dispensed medications by the pharmacy to evaluate medication adherence, providing data on patient non-compliance and RxFill details. This feature allows for easier evaluation of patient adherence to prescribed treatments, supporting better clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.

Chart Timeline Date View

Users can view patient chart items chronologically based on the created date, with medication refills displayed on the approval date. This improvement enhances the organization and accessibility of patient chart information, making it easier to track patient history and treatment progress.

Global Settings Updates

Global Settings have been updated with a streamlined, modern look and a new menu for easier management of EHR settings. This enhancement improves the user experience by making it simpler to find and manage settings, leading to more efficient practice operations.

Electronic Case Reporting

Users can send patient case reports to state public health agencies automatically, providing faster and more complete data while reducing manual reporting burdens. This feature supports timely and comprehensive reporting, aiding public health efforts and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements.

Adjust Time Zone on EHR Scheduler Quick View

Providers can adjust their dashboard schedule to see appointments in their local time, with automatic adjustments based on the EHR Global Setting. Patient appointments in different time zones will display the patient’s local time. This feature ensures accurate scheduling and reduces the risk of missed appointments due to time zone differences.

Added Annotations and Message Icons to Chart Folder View and Cards

Annotations and message icons are now visible in Folder View and Patient Chart Cards, improving communication among clinical staff. This enhancement increases visibility of important notes and messages, facilitating better collaboration and patient care.

Adjust Age Range in Growth Charts

An adjustable age range bar allows users to target specific timeframes and track growth progress within the Vitals card. This feature provides detailed and customizable growth tracking, enhancing the ability to monitor and manage patient development.

Added Status Column for Find Chart Item Screen

A new status column in the Find Chart Item screen makes viewing and managing chart items more efficient. This improvement allows users to quickly sort and identify chart items by status, streamlining chart management and improving workflow.

Clear All Checkboxes in Chart Print

Users can now uncheck all items with a single click in the Chart Print feature, selecting only the desired chart items for printing. This enhancement simplifies the printing process, saving time and reducing errors.

Access CQR Module in EHR

The Clinical Quality Reporting (CQR) module is now accessible from the EHR, providing a drop-down menu for easy access. This integration allows users to seamlessly access and manage clinical quality reports, supporting better compliance and quality improvement efforts.

EHR (Beta) – Clinical Notes Autosave

Clinical notes updates are now saved automatically, preventing data loss and improving workflow efficiency. This feature eliminates the need for manual saves, ensuring that all updates to clinical notes are captured and reducing the risk of losing important documentation.

Patient Engagement – Patient Forms Auditing

Users gain granular visibility into patient form management with detailed audit actions for operational transparency. This feature provides comprehensive tracking of patient form activities, supporting better management and oversight of patient forms.

Appointment Reminders Templates – User Level Security

Administrative control is increased with a new role privilege for editing Appointment Reminder templates, limiting access to authorized staff. This enhancement ensures that only designated users can modify appointment reminder templates, maintaining consistency and control over messaging.

Time Zone Enhancements in the Scheduler

Scheduling for patients in different time zones is now easier, with local time displays across AdvancedMD technologies for both providers and patients. These enhancements make it simple to set and manage appointments based on varied time zones, reducing the risk of missed appointments and improving scheduling accuracy.

Patient Engagement (Beta) – Patient Portal: Updated Navigation Look and Feel

The patient portal now features improved navigation, faster performance, and a modern design for a smoother user experience. Enhancements include more intuitive navigation, quicker access to important information, and a visually appealing interface that enhances user interaction.

Telehealth – Capture and Display Additional Subscriber Information

Additional automation in the telehealth workflow prompts patients to complete missing insurance information, providing better front-desk efficiency. This feature ensures that patient insurance details are accurately captured and maintained, improving the overall telehealth experience.

Worklist Enhancements

Insurance card images and a new subscriber selection menu make adding new insurance records easier in the Patient Upload worklist. These enhancements streamline the process of managing patient insurance information, reducing administrative burden and improving accuracy.

Mobile – Adjust Time on Scheduler Quick View

Improvements in mobile scheduling include the addition of patient local time on Scheduling Appointment cards and a dropdown menu for setting provider time zones. These updates reduce the risk of missed appointments due to time zone confusion, enhancing the overall scheduling experience for mobile users.

All AdvancedMD updates are designed to help enhance workflows, improve efficiency, and provide better patient care.

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