Extended Services and Solutions for AdvancedMD

Take Everything To The Next Level with AdvancedMD PM and EHR

Harness intelligent, rapid transformation solutions that extend the native capabilities of AMD to drive business excellence, maximize cash flow, and achieve the scalability and impactful results today’s healthcare executives need to remain competitive.

Looking to extract more value from your existing people and technology investments?

Want to eliminate profit-draining variability and leakage?

Need to shift your teams time and energy to focus on high-value work and delivering superior clinical outcomes?

With measurable hard and soft ROI, our services ensure winning outcomes and sustained growth. Combine our know-how and tailored outcomes-driven services to elevate your healthcare practice with AdvancedMD.

Need something super-custom to drive your business forward? Challenge us!

Transcend How You Transact

How Our Services Can Unlock Your Hidden Business Potential

  • Intelligent Data Analytics and Process
  • Maximize Revenue and Cashflow
  • Predictable and Actionable Insights
  • Proactive Overall AR Reduction
  • Workflow Orchestration
  • Eliminate Low-Value Work
  • More Output Without More Staff
  • No-Load on Existing Staff

Forensic Level Business Intelligence

Transform data insights into financial gains by eliminating process inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and leakage.

Enterprise Data Analytics and Reporting

Access and operate your business using your PM and EHR data in the ways you want to drive excellence.

Data Migration and Maintenance

Ensure seamless data transfer and maintenance, keeping your system clean and efficient across platforms.

Intelligent Process Automation

Overcome workflow limitations with automation and AI to increase accuracy and reduce dependency on people.

Extended Patient Intake

Automate patient intake seamlessly without requiring app downloads or portals, enhancing efficiency for patients and staff.

Automated Up-Front Fee Collection

Streamline credit card charging processes, boosting cash collections and reducing accounts receivable.

Customized Insurance Data

Stop cash leakage and optimize reimbursements by breaking free from insurance tabs limitations.

Charge Slip Obsolescence

100% close rate and accuracy with zero-touch by billing or clinicians including supervisory billing.

Optimized Revenue and Recovery

Accelerate the appointment-to-payment cycle, reducing rebill times from weeks to days.

Interops and Integration Services

Unlock limitless connectivity and possibilities with AdvancedMD’s ODBC and API integration capabilities.

Late Cancel/No Show Management

Recover lost revenues and optimize appointment times through automated management, billing, and collections.

Clean Claim Optimization

Minimize claim corrections and denial rates proactively with intelligent process optimization.

Clinical Note Management

Ensure compliance and prevent revenue loss by managing missing, unsigned, and unbilled clinical notes.

Applied Payment Automation

Eliminate manual AR tasks, avoid patient balance errors, and speed up payment cycles.

Let’s Talk About Unleashing Your Current Capability Using AdvancedMD.

  • Need the right clinical, operations, and financial data out of AdvancedMD to report, measure and manage parts or all of your business?
  • Struggling to find someone who can understand your objectives to use the technology you already have to help you deliver measurable business and financial outcomes?
  • Want to scale your business but know adding more staff is not the answer?
  • Thinking about moving to a new PM or EMR but would really like to stay with AMD “if only it could do a few more things”?
  • Need customized solutions to deliver care using AMD in special ways or to transact differently for new competitive models?

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